BODYBAR’s workouts are designed around the proven
principles of high intensity Pilates training.


50 Minutes
This is BODYBAR’s signature class and is our modern twist to a classic workout! Filled with contemporary movements and modern techniques, this intense fast-paced full-body workout will not only sculpt & tone for long lean muscles, but will improve stamina, balance, flexibility, alignment and create a strong core.


50 Minutes
This class will refine your core and sculpt your muscles. Still an intense total body workout, this class allows for even more emphasis on form, balance, flexibility and core engagement. This class is perfect to mix with other workout regimes or to prepare you for our other BODYBAR class formats.


50 Minutes
This dynamic class utilizes our full tower system to move, build and stretch you in to positions you never thought possible. With the use of the roll down bar and springs for resistance, this challenging workout is designed for strength building, toning and lengthening the entire body from the power of the core. Power Tower will easily become one of your favorite workouts!


50 Minutes
This is a fast-paced Reformer class with the Jump Board attached for an added cardio element. Get your heart pumping and your legs jumping with this low impact, calorie burning Pilates workout. Designed to build strength and tone to the upper and lower body for amazing leg sculpting results.


50 Minutes
Challenge yourself both mentally and physically with this intense, yet fun apparatus! This class combines our signature Reformer techniques with the Exo Chair designed to enhance your coordination, balance, stability and STRENGTH. This total body Pilates workout will focus on building up your core and leg power, with added upper body work.

*Prerequisite: 2 or more Reformer or Reformer Jump! classes.


50 Minutes
Hello Legs, Hello Cardio and Hello Burn! Come prepared to sweat (and don’t forget to breathe), as we’ve combined our two most powerful leg workouts into one. Utilizing the Jump Board and Chair, this challenging workout will tighten the core, tone and strengthen the lower body.


50 Minutes
Get your powerhouse right and your arms toned and tight! This class with sculpt your arms and core like no other. Curl, dip, twist, press and pull to define and tone the upper arm, back and abs. Be prepared for the cardio drills, but this is definitely a no lunge zone!


50 Minutes
This is our signature Reformer class with a targeted focus on the lower body and is intended to tighten and tone nothing but those LEGS! Expect the same intense, fast-paced workout with a strong focus on the glutes, inner and outer thighs for booty-lifting and lower body toning results.


50 Minutes
This high intensity Pilates workout will test your strength and stamina as you are led through intervals of strength training coupled with HITT cardio exercises to optimize your workout. This class varies each week and may incorporate the Cardio Chair or Jump board!

*Prerequisite: 1-2 Reformer or Reformer Jump! Classes


40 Minutes
This class is a FAST and FURIOUS workout! No cardio, no stretching, no mercy! The moves are the same, but get ready for lightning speed transitions, high intensity movements, and perhaps a little SWEAT!?! Due to the speed of transitions and movements, be ready to get in, kick-butt, and get out.

*Prerequisite: 1-2 Reformer or Reformer Jump! classes.


Stretch + Release

Coming Soon
This restorative class is ideal for anyone looking to increase their range of motion, relieve muscle tension, and just feel good! Utilizing rollers and massage balls, this class is designed to first alleviate muscle and fascia injuries or tightness, second to promote greater mobility through the hips and spine and then finally to activate specific muscle groups though light or isometric exercises.