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Since the first studio opened in the spring of 2012, the BODYBAR experience has evolved into a business model ready to grow through franchising. Starting in Texas only this year, we are looking for entrepreneurs who are passionate about serving people and transforming bodies, minds and communities. We’re ready to guide you every step of the way – from selecting the perfect location, to completing our signature build-out, opening your doors and sustaining strong membership recruitment and retention. Leveraging success from our two locations, BODYBAR Studios could be your best investment yet.
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The good news is Americans are moving more. Mounds of recent data support why investing in a fitness franchise can be a good path to a healthy bottom line.

  • In Entrepreneur magazine’s 36th Annual Franchise 500 report, fitness boutiques with specialized classes and more personal service for clients are at the forefront of growth as they typically have smaller footprints and keep costs down for franchisees.
  • According to the 2012 IRHSA report and recent IBIS World data, more than 58 million people in the U.S. are using health and fitness facilities, which has contributed to an increase in revenue, now at $21.8 Billion.
  • The latest Physical Activity Council Report from 2014 projected that more people will spend money on gym memberships by about 7 percent.
  • Creating $7 billion in revenue, the yoga and Pilates industry is also on the rise as more Americans seek ways to find balance and manage stress all while losing weight.
  • 2012 report by IBIS, yoga and Pilates industry is the fourth fastest growing industry.
  • 2014 projections indicated the industry will continue to grow and expand into more geographic regions, and men and baby boomers will continue to be a source for major growth.
  • BODYBAR is more than a fitness studio, it is a way of life, balanced, athletic and real.
  • We believe by keeping an open mind and investing our time and talents, extraordinary things happen.
  • We look at our business as a gift. We enjoy the opportunity to serve real people.
  • We empower and challenge our Athletes to be inspired leaders.

  • We promote and lead balanced lifestyles through exercise, education and nutrition.
  • Balanced. Athletic. Real. These three words encompass all that BODYBAR Studios is about. Our classes are the perfect BALANCE between proven Pilates principles and high-intensity training. The result? Uncovering the ATHLETE inside each and every one of our clients. We offer the widest variety of class formats targeted to challenge REAL clients of all fitness levels. Our high-intensity workouts in DFW are led by talented, certified instructors using the latest exercise methods and equipment.
    Our classes are designed around the proven principles of Pilates and high-intensity training. During the Pilates/strength training moves, we focus on slower controlled movements, isometric holds, core and posture. While gradually building intensity, you are pushed to muscle failure. Maintaining time under tension is the key. The greater the effort, the less time you have to train.
    BODYBAR is dedicated to inspire and transform the athlete in you.

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