Bryant Purvis

Lindsey Ring

Lindsay discovered Pilates in 2013 after having her first child. She began in an effort to lose the baby weight but ultimately found something much greater. In addition to dropping pounds she noticed more muscle definition, a stronger core, improved flexibility and better alignment. After seeing such positive improvements in herself she wanted to share her passion and soon became Balanced Body certified in Mat Pilates.

Growing up in Southern California, she spent countless hours surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, running and doing yoga. With such a diverse physical background she appreciates the variety of challenges BODYBAR workouts offer. Through BODYBAR she found a place to be pushed both physically and mentally while building long, lean muscles the way only Pilates can. “I get a 50-minute full-body workout in a beautiful space and am surrounded by wonderful people. That’s why BODYBAR is my Happy Hour!”